R.V. Rescue

Mobile R.V. Repair Service

Solar Panel Charging System

Solar Panel Install

Add a solar panel to your R.V. and never worry about dead batteries again! We can add single panels, or multiple panels. 

LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting

Add some color to the night. Your choice of color with a touch of a button over 64 000 to choose from or you can opt for just a simple cool white. Great for under the awning. We also have L.E.D Lightstrips that can be controlled by your smart phone, simply download the app on to your phone and pick what color combination and mode setting you would like and sit back and watch the pretty colors. 

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing Systems

Got a leak? We work on all kinds of plumbing systems from PEX, ABS, Copper to Poly B.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical Systems

Electrical Problems? We are trained to repair all kinds of wiring from 12vdc to 110vdc, converters to inverters and from truck to trailer.

Brakes Bearings Axles Repairs

Wheels, Brakes and Bearings

Keep Rolling & Stopping. We repair and service brakes, axles, suspension, bearings and tires.

Propane System Repairs

Propane Systems

Do you smell that? Propane leaks are very serious, let R.V. Rescue resolve the problem.

Appliance Repair Fridge


Fridge hot and your Furnace cold? Let us diagnose and repair your appliance problems.