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Roughing It with a Cup of Coffee

Posted on 7 July, 2015 at 22:10

This weekend I was finally able to enjoy a cup of coffee on saturday morning and sunday morning out camping in the bush. I have always had an 80W solar panel and a 1000W inverter hooked up to my two deep cycle 6V batteries in my 2007 Okanagan 5th Wheel. Even with that said when you have three kids onboard who are used to the "on the grid" lifestyle the power does not stay in the batteries long enough. After converting all the common used lights to LED bulbs I was able to have enough power to enjoy my coffee on saturday morning, but by sunday there just wasnt enough power left to make my second cup. Now keep in mind by no means were my batteries dead, they always had enough to run the furnace, lights, waterpump, water heater, fridge, fantasic fan, bathroom fan and charge our cell phones all weekend. Inverters need to have good voltage to work thier best, this includes large battery cables (I used 2/O) and well maintaned batteries. So instead of having to plug the truck into the trailer and starting it up so I would have enough power to make my coffee I installed 2 MORE 6V batteries into my trailer. This now has resulted in me NEVER plugging my trailer in all year between camping trips while it sits in my yard, even with the fridge running alot of the time, or having to lug around a generator to enjoy my coffee. And when I enjoyed my coffee, it was quiet and peaceful, the way camping should be.

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